Below you will find a chart listing all the animal interaction programs we offer, along with the number of spaces required to purchase if you would like to ensure your experience is private.

Programs may be booked directly online or by phone at 305-664-2431.

If your desired number of participants exceeds the number listed there will be an additional charge.

ProgramCurrent Price# of spaces to buy out poolTotal
Swim with the Dolphin$235-$2556$1410-$1530 + tax
Express Dolphin Swim$165-$1756$990-$1050 + tax
Shallow Water Swim with the Dolphin$210-$2256$1260-$1350 + tax
Express Shallow Water Swim with the Dolphin$155-$1656$930-$990 + tax
Meet the Dolphin$1156$690 + tax
Paint with the Dolphin$1152$230 + tax
Swim with the Sea Lion$165-$1756$990-$1050 + tax
Meet the Sea Lion$1156$690 + tax
Paint with the Sea Lion$1152$230 + tax
Swim with the Rays$656$390 + tax
Swim with the Sharks$1256$750 + tax
Meet the Alligator$792$158 + tax
Meet the Sea Turtle$794$316 + tax
Meet the Parrots$854$340 + tax