Package includes

  • Admission to the park-dolphin, sea lion, and parrot shows, fish and reptile tour, bottomless boat ride, and lagoon-side beach
  • 2 complimentary adult admissions
  • Birthday child picked as a volunteer in the dolphin and sea lion show
  • Dolphin themed birthday cake
  • Dolphin themed decorated table area (Starlight Terrace or lagoon-side beach)

For the safety of our animals… no balloons, straws, or piƱatas will be permitted. All children must be strictly supervised and nothing may be thrown in the water.

Schedule options

10:00 Arrival Time
10:30 Dolphin Show
11:00 Sea Lion Show
11:30 Cake (optional lunch, presents)
12:30 Arrival Time
1:00 Dolphin Show
1:30 Sea Lion Show
2:00 Cake (optional lunch, presents)
Option to come in earlier or stay later for fish and reptile tour, parrot show, bottomless boat ride, and lagoon-side beach


  • Price is based on 10 children minimum (ages 3 to 10) and includes 2 complimentary adult admissions: $395.95 plus tax.
  • Each additional person ages 3 to 10 $29.95, 11 and older $47.95 plus tax, includes admission and birthday cake.
  • Download Birthday Party Guest List

Package add on

  • Meet the Dolphin / Meet the Sea Lion
    20% off (up to 10 participants)

Group rates for meals

  • No food may be brought into the park.
  • Canned soda, bottled juice, and water are available in machines.
  • If you would like Theater of the Sea to prepare you lunch from a variety of delicious selections at Papa’s grill, please call ahead, preferably two weeks in advance.
  • A 50% non-refundable deposit is required.
  • Download the Group Menu Selections

Please make sure to inform parents of the admission cost if you choose not to pay for them and to let us know in advance how additional adult payments will be handled to avoid any problems upon arrival.

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