Photo Price Information

Deluxe Package


Package includes A photo CD with all of one participants images from one program, plus a professionally edited DVD including titles, Transitions and Bonus footage from around the park. $123.00 for the first participant plus $10.00 for each additional participant. Additional Discounts are available for multiple programs.

Print Prices

All prints are produced using the highest quality dye-sublimation process which results in a plastic coated, archival quality, and water-resistant print.

  • 1x 4″x6″ print $12.50
  • 1x 5″x7″ print $15.00
  • 1x 8″x10″ print $25.00
  • 2x 4″x6″ prints $24.00
  • 2x 5″x7″ prints $25.00

Digital Image Prices

Our Photo CD includes a copyright release so that you can take your photos to any lab or to your home computer and print them out.

  • 1x Image on CD $15.00
  • 1x Image on CD plus a 4”x 6” print of the same image $17.50
  • 1x Image on CD plus a 5”x 7” print of the same image $20.00

Single Program Prices

All of your participants images on CD from one program plus a bonus file of approximately 100 photos of the animals and foliage around the park.

  • 1 Participant $55.00
  • 2 Participants $65.00
  • 3 Participants $75.00
  • 4 Participants $85.00
  • 5 Participants $95.00
  • 6 Participants $105.00

Multiple Program Discount

Discounts are offered for photographs of multiple programs. The prices are based off the Single program prices plus…

  • 1 Participant $30 per additional program
  • 2 Participants $30 per additional program
  • 3 Participants $35 per additional program
  • 4 Participants $40 per additional program
  • 5 Participants $45 per additional program
  • 6 participants $50 per additional program


A show CD consist of photos taken of volunteers at the Dolphin Show, Sea Lion Show, Bird show, and Shark petting it costs $55.00 and includes all of your photos from these interactions. After the purchase of a Single program CD shows can be added to your CD for $10.00 per show or $20.00 for all of the shows.