Animal Enrichment


What is enrichment?

Enrichment is a way to give animals in human care the opportunity to engage in natural behaviors.


The purpose of enrichment is to:

• Increase physical activity
• Provide Mental Stimulation
• Encourage species appropriate behavior
• Promote positive social interaction


How do we enrich animals at Theater of the Sea?



Our large outdoor lagoons are surrounded by lush tropical foliage native to the Florida Keys.  Our animals are immersed in nature and enjoy an incredible amount of space to explore.


Enrichment Devices

From back rubs with bath mitts to PVC pipes stuffed with lettuce, our animals are given a variety of toys and props to play with. Favorites include boat bumpers and buoys, starboard sheets, hula hoops, target poles, feeder pipes and even mirrors.


Training and Play

The most important form of enrichment we can provide is training! Shows, Swims, Paint and Meet programs, Boat rides and Play Sessions are all great ways to:
• Open a line of communication into the animal world
• Challenge the animals to show off their natural capabilities
• Promote positive animal and human interaction
All of the proceeds generated by our Paint Program contribute to buying new toys for the animals.